A downloadable game for Windows

Prototype for the Game Development Workshop 3


Bullet: Shoots a projectile that can hit enemies and bounce off of surfaces and enemies 

Laser: a laser that shoots in a straight line and does consistent damage 

Bomb: explodes on contact and damages all surrounding enemies or surfaces.  Then proceeds to scatter into smaller bomb which explode on 


There will be a small area you must clear to proceed to the next room.

There are multiple floors with different themes which have different enemies and surroundings. 

All this is in an attempt to get to the final boss and beat it. 


Number keys: change between weapons

Space: Jump

Arrows: movement and wall riding

Left click: Shoot


Alannis (Ace) Davis

Gabe Kotton 

Bradley Cameron 

Carlos Lu

Nicholas Ye

Reyan Gato 

Callum McIntosh


Rock Bottom Windows.zip 105 MB

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